Checkpoint DP-1006 (DDoS protector) and livestreaming

During livestreaming with wirecast with RTMP protocol we got some issues with drops and disconnects/reconnects. In the log for wirecast we saw some messages at random times. The log is found in the appdata catalog for the user running wirecast (in our case C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Wirecast}. The messages found when the session was disconnected:
Feb 12 22:51:54 A: Start OK: sample=4, channels=2, type=2
Feb 12 22:54:12 N: onStatus: code="NetConnection.Connect.Closed" type="status" desc="" details=""
Feb 12 22:54:12 A: Network connection severed: -1301

Right after those messages the connection was reestablished. Was experiencing some choppy video aswell.

Tried making a whitelist in the DP-1006 like this:
In the submenu DDoS->Whitelist
Filled in SrcNetwork=ip of the wirecast client, DstNetwork=ip of the RTMP server, Protocol=TCP

Did a test streaming after this and after 30 minutes+ there was no more drops.

Guess this did the trick..